Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The best currency exchange office in town

Got some coins to trade in?

Without irony, the Sofian 'Nikar' is the best currency exchange office in town. Why?

Because they take no commission and the rates are quite honest, similar to the ones that can be checked at the universal currency converter tool

They buy (and are aiming to have) nearly any exotic currency one may think of, and there is always a queue of people waiting outside on the street to trade their currencies. Traveller friendly.

Bear this in mind especially if you are going to travel to the neighbouring Macedonia as Macedonian exchange offices seem to have a strong dislike of the Bulgarian lev. It is very wise to change lev to Macedonian denars already in Sofia because in Skopje, if you are lucky to find an office that accepts leva at all, you may have to pay around one third of the total amount just for the commission.
Graf Igniatev street 36. Walking south away from the Slaveykov Square pass the Igniatev - Rakovski street crossroad; keep walking and look on your right.

Text and photos (c) Agne Drumelyte, 2013.

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